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Daley  Barracks: The Hidden Stories

As soldiers, often our lives were dominated by the "here and now", the next event on the training schedule, the ARTEP the following week, the start of gunnery training and then the AGI.  Our concern for the past was limited to After Action Reports which we hoped would serve as guideposts to those who followed to learn from our experiences.  And so, as the thousands of troopers who passed through the cavalry in Bad Kissingen arrived, performed their duty and departed, often times, the events that were "big new" for one group of soldiers rapidly slipped into the past as fresh faces arrived to  meet new challenges.
Through barracks lore and stories shared over a beer, some events lived on for a few years but gradually, the detail, circumstance and significance were lost. Through the below listed stories, built as much as possible on the first hand accounts of those troopers directly involved, we  recapture some of those moments that reflect who we were and what we did when the Americans came to Bad Kissingen.  All of the stories add to the historical understanding of the American experience at Daley, a few are funny and a few are tragic.



 End of World War II and Post War Period

The First Americans   To Die with the Coming of Peace   LT Sam Sloan   Army of Occupation in Bad Kissingen, the Rhoen and Grabfeld Region
Camera - 1945  

A Pair of Jokers

  The LUSTY Men   Merle A. Potter - The Man Who Invented Friendship
Look to the Sky   Major Katherine Saint John  

XII Tactical Air Command

  The Army Air Corps in Bad Kissingen
Bill Heflin’s Panthers   The 926th Signal Battalion   The Historian and the Hotels   Bad Kissingen - Amerika Haus
Gone Missing at the Border, 1948   Mission to Mellrichstadt        

 1950s: The Coming of the Cold War

The Slugger and the Singer   Tech 5 William T. Daley   These Feathers in my War Bonnet   NCO Club, Bachelor Officer's Quarters and the Enlisted Club: Three Buildings, Three Stories
War Plan 1951: Railway Denial Mission   The Missing Man   The Shadows of Albert DeSalvo   The Birth of the HOW
Wilburn K. Ross - Silent American Hero   Gyroscope Unit in B.K.   Football!   Crossing the Border - 1955
Good Eats 1959   The 11th ACR in Germany

 1960s: The Border Evolves

Fragments   The Berlin Crisis of 1961   2-28 FA - BK - 1962   Radar Sam
3rd ID LRRPs   The Schwimmbad, Airfield & Ringstrasse Projects   A Brief Stay in BK - A/36th Engineers   Santa Cav
The Iron Crosses   The Alert of 1968   The Armored Jeep - The M114    

 1970s:  From Starch to Permanent Press

The Sheridan   The Black Beret, Tanker’s Jackets and Gunnery Qualification Patches   Display Equipment   French Commando School
Cadets   Water   The Boys in the Band   Bunkers & Binos
The Hawg   Visitors & Guests   Fun and Games   Stuck in the 70s
1970s Combat Readiness   Adventures in Bad Kissingen   The Cavalry Platoon in Transition    

 1980s: The Decade of Great Change - BDU, Kevlar, M1 - M3

Tanks in the 1980s   Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on the Border   A Time to be Wary   Snapshot 1981
Life - at the Border   Partnership Training   EurArmy Article   Happy Days
Beer!   Rotary Wing   We Sing of Others Glories Past   Words Not Deeds
Silent Man on a Distant Hill   The First and the Last   Love in the time of GAKs    
 1990s and Beyond: End of Mission and the Long Good Bye

Late Winter 1989 and the Coming Spring

  The Incident at Doha   Swords into Plowshares   The Days of Change
Trooper Art   RAD in the Rhoen   Border Duty Commemorative Posters - Wall Stuff   Memory and Memorial
The Faces behind the Names   So Long Schweinfurt        

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