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In the Summer

In the Summer of 1945, two US soldiers reached for their cameras to take a few snapshots; there were those long summer days, why not something to show the folks back home, this is what it was like after the war ended and just before we finally left  

We never know their names, can barely determine their units, there are a few brief captions and some clues in the pictures but all that we are really sure of is that one trooper was in the Army Air Corps stationed at the airfield just outside of Bad Kissingen and the other soldier was assigned to an engineer battalion on occupation duty just to the northeast.  Here are their photos that recalled that summer.

Taking Flight 1945

With the HQ of the XII Tactical Air Command, the subordinate HQ 64th Tactical Fighter Wing plus the Military Government operations dominating Bad Kissingen in the Summer of 1945, one would think that the sky would be filled with aircraft.  But this was hardly the case, all of those fighters and bombers were rapidly dispatched to new and less than heroic fates.  Bad Kissingen, however, was not free of Army Air Corp flight operations.  Someone had to ferry all those officers and staff sections around and this mission fell to a light aircraft section stationed at the Turnierplatz airfield, just west of Manteuffel Kaserne.

The photographer as well as the specific unit is unknown although the evidence indicates he may have been assigned to the 64th TAC. The only photo captioned as me features an indistinct image but this is the best we have.  About of his small collection of snap shots and post cards were captioned.  Here is a quick trip to the airfield in the Summer of 1945.

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Donuts 1945

This collection of photos was taken by an unknown trooper assigned to the 304th Combat Engineer Battalion, part of the 79th Infantry Division.  For a few months in the Summer and Fall of 1945, the division performed occupation duty initially in Germany and then in Czechoslovakia although the captions indicate that at least some of the engineers were in Bavaria as late as October.  At any rate, it seems as though the soldier - photographer was having a pretty good time marking the days until his unit rotated stateside

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