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Armored Cavalry Platoons in Transition

Here is a fun little document that reflects the major changes happening in regimental cavalry platoons in the late 1970s. Published as a quick augmentation to FM 17 - 95, it discusses basic changes in tactics and techniques for a cavalry platoon as the M551 and, for some units, the M114, were replaced by M60A1 tanks and M901 Improved TOW Vehicles. For the 11th ACR and Eaglehorse at Bad Kissingen, this occurred in the 1978, replacement of M551, through 1980, gain of M901.

LT Tom Sommerkamp and his platoon in
Golf Troop at Grafewoehr
--Tom Sommerkamp
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Along with the major equipment changes, the infantry squad is eliminated and while not addressed specifically, the 4.2 mortar track was generally consolidated into a three tube battery with its own FDC. The document shows cavalry troopers on light cross country motorcycles, an idea that was endlessly experimented with at Fort Bliss and the 3rd ACR before finally being abandoned; too many troopers were injured in the field with little reconnaissance value added.

Have fun with this little review and insure all trooper’s common skills and MOS specific job books are properly filled out and up to date for performance goals.

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