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While we have tried to keep this site focused on the American experience in Bad Kissingen, every now and then you have to wander out of sector just … well … just because!  Here’s a brief glimpse of the Blackhorse in Germany in the mid and late 1950s. 

Blackhorse in Germany, 1957 - 1964

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment rotated to Germany in 1957 and replaced the 6th Armored Cavalry on the Czech border.  HQ and 1st Squadron were at Straubing, 2nd Squadron was at Landshut and Regensberg was home to the 3rd Squadron.  The unit participated in all normal training cycles and FTXs as well as performing the border observation mission from two camps located at Roetz and Regen Germany.

The Regiment published a booklet, breast pocket size,  given to the troops just after the rotation to Germany featuring a detailed history of the Blackhorse and general orientation to southern Germany.  In 1959, a Regimental yearbook was produced with name captioned photos of each platoon or staff section.  A few pages were devoted to significant events of that year, one or two pages of tank gunnery and training area images and the obligatory troops visit the orphanage photo.  There were no images or text related to the border but plenty of guys in starched fatigues and white name tapes.

Featured here is a small selection of photos from 1956 - 1958 taken by one trooper while assigned to Company H, Third Squadron while at Regensberg.   Interestingly, this trooper did manage to get his camera into the border area, something that was strictly forbidden at the time.

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Blackhorse Unit Yearbook published in 1959.

Breast pocket 11th ACR guide given to troops
when deployed to Germany in 1957.

Map of general operating area of Regiment
included with pocket guide

Rare trooper photos of the Czech border
in the mid 1950s. 

More of the border to include a US observation bunker
somewhere in the region.

Border area.

½ track in use with trooper and rail loading an M48.

Interesting West German vehicle with mock - up
of Soviet tank and plywood silhouette target
mounted on APC.

One of the few photos of a border camp and
a selection of FTX images.

FTX images.

Boys will be boys.

Some interesting uniform details showing
the embroidered Regimental crest worn over the
breast pocket of the fatigue shirt.

Troopers inspecting the wreckage of a just
crashed light Army aircraft.


Motor pool and the obligatory wall locker display image.

Few more images of the border observation
bunker and at bottom left, the trooper who
took the photos.

Looking grim at the border camp.

Boys will be boys - part 2.

One of the few equipment images found in the
1959 yearbook.

Updated 9/13/2017


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