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One of the dozens of Eaglehorse vehicles destroyed in the fire and explosions that occurred at the 2/11 ACR motor pool in Doha, Kuwait on 11 July, 1991.

New York Times
19 May 1991

U.S. Planning to Send a Brigade to Kuwait

WASHINGTON - May 18 - The United States agreed this week to a request from Kuwait to send a brigade of 3, 700 armored troops there from Europe to help maintain order while Kuwaiti forces regroup in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said today.

Mr. Cheney said the forces, elements of the 11th Armored Cavalry based in Fulda Germany would arrive in Kuwait by mid June and would remain until Sept 1. They will replace members of the United States Marines and Third Armored Division who are in the process of being withdrawn.

"The situation in Kuwait is still very unstable," Mr. Cheney said on the Evans and Novak program televised on Cable News Network. "They've not really been able to reconstitute their own forces. They are necessarily nervous, given what happened to them just last August."

Mr. Cheney emphasized that the move was temporary and said: "It is our objective to get them out as quickly as possible. And the president's made it clear we don't want a permanent long - lasting ground presence in the gulf."

New York Times
12 July 1991

56 Soldiers hurt in Kuwait Blast

KUWAIT CITY, July 11 ( AP ) - An explosion ripped through a United States ammunition depot today showering soldiers with shrapnel. At least 50 Americans and six Britons were wounded, officials said.

The military Central Command in Tampa, Fla., said injuries ranged from minor cuts to severe shrapnel wounds.

The chain reaction of explosions at the Blackhorse Camp at Doha, about 12 miles west of Kuwait City, apparently began with an electrical fire on a truck carrying 155 - mm howitzer shells, military officials said. The American Embassy issued a statement ruling out sabotage.

The American and British military and United Nations forces have bases near Doha. The explosion incinerated the nearby vehicles and tore the roof off the British headquarters building. The walls of several warehouses used as barracks for American and British soldiers were riddled with holes.

An American military spokeswoman said about two thirds of the 3, 700 troops of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment stationed at Blackhorse were on desert maneuvers when the explosion occurred. Full casualty figures were not immediately available, but the Central Command in Tampa, Fla. said at least 50 American soldiers were hurt. Doctors at al Sabah Hospital said one American soldier suffered serious brain damage when shrapnel shattered his skull and that he was not expected to live. Three others underwent surgery for abdominal wounds.

Six British soldiers from the nearby St. George Lions Camp were slightly wounded and were not hospitalized, a Defense Ministry spokesman in London said.

New York Times
24 July 1991

3 G.I.'s Killed in Explosion Near a U. S. Camp in Kuwait

Manama, Bahrain, July 23 ( AP ) - Three American soldiers died today in an accidental explosion near the United Sates military camp at Doha, Kuwait, the United States military said.

The soldiers were clearing ammunition remaining from a fire and explosion that occurred at the camp on July 11 when some of the ammunition detonated, said a statement from the Joint Information Bureau in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

The names of the soldiers were being withheld until three relatives could be notified.

"While the cause of the accident has not been determined, we know it was not due to hostile action or sabotage," the statement said.


The train up, deployment, activities in Kuwait and subsequent return to Germany of the Eaglehorse Squadron are big stories and they deserve to be told in first hand accounts of the men who were there. So far, only one trooper has volunteered a recollection and we are grateful for his willingness to assist the web site. We are, however, holding off on the narrative until at least a few other troopers show an interest in recalling those days in 1991. We also have very few images, less than five, related to Kuwait in the data base. It's your story, you guys should tell it.

What we currently offer are links specific to the Doha explosion and fire, featuring highly detailed accounts and images that help bring that day to life. None of the sites are specifically concerned with the 2/11 ACR, rather, they focus on the investigation into the fire, explosions and then recovery efforts that occurred in the Eaglehorse motor pool.

A factual report of the explosion, fires and clean up efforts with photos and diagrams.

An officer assigned to the clean up recalls his exposure to DU residue


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