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Welcome to the new home for all the photos that have been submitted by former members and friends of the Squadron.  The section will be broken down by decades and will be updated frequently as new material comes in.  Submitting items can be done in several ways, click here for details.

Some YouTube postings about 2/11 and Daley Barracks (the titles are an exact lift from YouTube):


Click here for the 14th ACR Albums


Eaglehorse Trooper Albums

Click on the thumbnail to view the slideshow.

  1970 - 1979  
H Company - 1973 / 1976
Mark Hanrahan
  H Company
Dan De Kleyn
  Sheridan's and the Border
John Skirmont
H Company, 1975-1978
Tom Quinn
  Border and Barracks - E Troop
Rudy Chavez
  F Troop
Carlos Herrera
Gary Cuda   14th Cav to 11th Cav
Rob Hudgins
  Rick Badal
Scott Saunders   Golf Troop 1975-1977
Bill Grimes
  Mike McGehee
Rick Laws   Harry Owens   Miscellaneous 1970s Pictures
  1980 - 1989  
My Tour in Germany
Randy Mitchell
Robert Davis
  The Early 80s
Brian Reed
Erich Sobalvarro   Charlie Cozzens   Mark Flowers
Tom Sommerkamp   Todd Stach   Ted Prescott
Scott Huffman   Rick Laws - The Border   Bruce Clarke - Eaglehorse 6
Rick Richey - Golf Troop   Kenneth Binkley - Golf Troop    
  1990 - 1999  
A Wife's Story
Suzan Roberts Norton
  The Border - 1993
Brian Reed
  Crossing the Border
Mike McGehee
Ricardo Herrera        
Going Back - 20 Years On
Randy Mitchell
  The Green Strip - 2003
Norbert Rückel
  The Razing of Daley Barracks
Sparkasse Bad Kissingen and
Roland Ansorge
Daley Barracks - 2003
Norbert Rückel / Geoff Walden /
Larry Martin / Roland Ansorge
 / Sparkasse Bad Kissingen
  Airfield / QRS / LDA / Ranges
Norbert Ruckel
  Daley Barracks - 2012
Stefan Kessler
After the Fall
The Border Area and Camp Lee

These photos were provided by Harry Owens, Norbert Ruckel, Michael Wirsching, and Geoff Walden

  Bad Kissingen and the Rose Garden
Rick Laws
  Multiple Decades  
Saale Zeitung / Erwin Ritter / Norbert Ruckel
  Reunion Photos  

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