Sunday Afternoon, September 28, 2003
Going back - 20 Years On

I was back in Germany on a business trip in September of 2003 working in Fuerth on a project with Siemens. My schedule was tight but I did get some time on Sunday to myself. In mid-afternoon I decided to try to get up to BK and take a look at things. I had last been there while still on active duty in 1996 shortly after the main kaserne had been shuttered.

  The plaque commemorating the Squadron's tenure at Daley Barracks  

Grabbing my camera, I got into my rental car and headed north, arriving in BK in the latter part of the afternoon with the sun rapidly westering. I headed first to the old BOQ and found it to be virtually unchanged. The BOQ looked to be being used by a local business as was the building that had been the MP barracks and dental clinic.

The side of the BOQ, taken from the parking lot.


Closer view. The patio at right would have
been part of the Officers Club in the early 80's.


I stood on the patio of what had been the Officers Club and thought back to all the evenings spent there after it was "rejuvenated" in 1980. I remembered Chief Converse, "Commander" of the "Eaglehorse Air Force" sitting in his usual spot in the corner, the arrival of the first video games [I became quite good at "Dig Dug"], the dining ins, officer calls, and more than one "Spur Dinner". It was a small and very unpretentious place but full of many memories.

The patio leading to
what was the main entrance to the club.

  Looking from the front of the BOQ
towards the "long hall" of the club. This hall
led to a small gathering area in a cupula at the right.
As I recall, we used this for a number of
"Officer Professional Development" classes

I moved from there up to Daley. The new entrance to the the Kaserne is located over where the school used to be. Although prepared for the changes in the landscape I was still more than a little saddened by the sight. What used to be Squadron Headquarters and HHT billets was now a dirt parking lot. I parked the car in the parking spaces in front of what had been the Cav messhall. I walked over to the small commemorative sign attached to a stone in a small traffic round-about. I went back to the former messhall and surveyed what had been the "upper" portion of Daley. Little was left now but, again, the memories were many.
  The back of the former MP barracks and dental clinic.   Side shot of the same building.  

Next I drove up to the hardstand area and found it derelict but still largely intact. From there I moved down to the lower portion of the kaserne and found it too largely intact. The chapel was gone but the rest of the area looked just the same. The theater was still there and still being used as a theater.
  Panoramic View:
The lower portion of Daley Barracks as of September 2003
  Panoramic View:
Looking west to east from the front of the former 2/11 messhall
  Panoramic View: 
The tank park located on the upper portion of the eastern side of Daley Barracks.

Time and the light were rapidly running out by this point and I had a long drive back to Fuerth. My total time in BK had been less than an hour. I checked my camera to make sure the photos were good and then headed out to pick up the Autobahn and return to Fuerth. I regretted that time did not allow for a trip to Camp Lee and the border area but maybe next time.