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Eaglehorse.org is a non-profit website established to:

  • Serve as a rallying point for former members of the Squadron, our German comrades in the Bundeswehr, Bundesgrenzschutz, Bayern Grenzpolizei, the people of Bad Kissingen and surrounding towns in the Squadron area of operations.
  • Maintain and promote the history and memory of:
  1. Manteuffel Kaserne / Daley Barracks
  2. Camp Lee / Wollbach
  3. Border Operations by the Squadron / BGS / BGP in the Squadron sector
  4. Squadron activities, exercises, and operations during its time in Bad Kissingen

[September 2012]
Randy Mitchell

Eaglehorse.org is still very much a "work-in-progress".  This site came into being in November of 2002 when Bob Stefanowicz and I came into contact again after over 20 years [when I arrived in the Squadron in December of 1979 Bob was the Squadron Border Officer.  He later became my XO when I was the FIST Chief in Golf Troop].  In late October of 2002 I received an email about some 11th ACR activities in Washington DC for Veterans Day.  Just for fun I decided to see if there were some recent shots of Daley Barracks on the Internet.  After a brief search I ran across a site that showed Daley Barracks and the recent demolition of most of the upper portion of the kaserne.  Somewhat saddened I went into my attic and pulled out all my old photos and some 2/11 related paraphernalia [including a Squadron Field SOP].  I began to mull over the idea of a web site about 2/11 in B.K. [my job includes web site development so I had all the tools & software necessary].  Using the email addresses on the Veterans Day email I began to see who I could find that might also be interested in such a project.  In short order I came into contact with Bob.  Bob had had a similar idea that long pre-dated mine and was more extensive in nature.  He had already done research and study and had developed a strong contact list.  In very short order, the domain name was registered, the server space purchased, and work began.

In the 15 years since then we have settled into our respective positions.  I handle the technical side and the majority of the web specific tasks while Bob has done the research, worked with contributors, and written 99.99% of the text - I will not argue that I have had the easier job.  I am in awe of the work that Bob has done - when you read the variety and depth of his work I think you will be too.  What started as some pictures and "war stories" about the Squadron in B.K. has become a living history the now includes a wide variety of units that occupied B.K. all the way back to the original construction of the barracks in the 1930's and even some locations outside of B.K. [Meiningen]. 

Photos and information currently on this site comes from a very wide variety of people and sources too numerous to list here.  We have taken pains to give credit to each person for their submissions.  A sizable percentage of our material has come from German sources.  Two individuals must be mentioned here; Erwin Ritter [bio] and Norbert Rückel [bio] - their input, photos, and "leg-work" have been invaluable.

It is our hope that this site will help preserve the memory of Daley Barracks and the soldiers who served there.  We encourage you to share any stories, pictures, or related items you may have - this site will never really be "finished".



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