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Eaglehorse Six
Squadron Commander, "Super 6", the "Old Man", the only trooper whose opinion really mattered ... to take command of a border cavalry squadron was certainly a career achievement.  The commanders of the Eaglehorse Squadron in Bad Kissingen were:

  • BG (Ret) Mike O'Connell
  • Col (Ret) Ronald W. Zeltman
  • LTC (Ret) Lee Allen
  • LTC (Ret) John Gilbreath
  • Col (Ret) Chris Conrad
  • Col (Ret) Louis J. Sturbois III
  • Col (Ret) Bruce B. G. Clarke
  • Col (Ret) Thomas E. Ramick
  • Col (Ret) John Miller
  • Col (Ret) Lind
  • Major General Stephen M. Speakes

In coming editions we will add photos and additional information.