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For this site to be successful, items provided by website / Facebook visitors are an absolute must  We have been very lucky over the years to get a large amount of material from site visitors and, more recently, from members of the Eaglehorse.org Facebook page. (This is a membership page but all you need to do is ask to join, I check the Facebook page each day for new requests.) 

If you'd like to provide materials (pictures, stories, links to relevant websites, etc) - you have two options.  First, you may email the items to me by using the email link (the letter icon) in the upper right corner.  The other option (if you are a Facebook user) is to post the items on the Eaglehorse.org page (just click on the Facebook icon in the upper right corner) or send them to me via the message system on Facebook.

If you are providing photos, PLEASE be sure to provide some text to go along with them.  Who / what / when (at least the year) / where are all very important.  We have the ability to edit photos (crop scans, scale up / scale down) if you do not have this capability.  Optimal size for photos is 1024x768 pixels in either PNG or JPG format.

We would very much like to get more personal stories about individual experiences in the unit and at Daley Barracks, Camp Lee, Graf, Wildflecken,etc.  These need not be the "great American novel" - just a paragraph or two about those times in Bad Kissingen (and if you have a photo or two, so much the better).  Please remember that this site is visited by people of all ages and take this into account when providing picture captions or stories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Bob Stefanowicz / Randy Mitchell

Lt. Randy Mitchell reads a magazine while Lt. Tom Sommerkanp relaxes at the Vilseck
cantonment area during a lull in M60A3 transition, February 1980.

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