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Introduction and Mission Statement

May 2016 Previous Updates

We promised an update of the site before Christmas - we just did not say what year!

Here is what’s new at Eaglehorse:

In breaking news, the former border camp has been sold to a Bad Neustadt auto driving school.  When Erwin Ritter recently passed by, the large antenna mast had just been removed and was in the process of relocation.   Through the years and various uses, many of the building are now in very rough shape and will probably be razed this summer.

Because of strict German property and privacy laws, Erwin could take no pictures of the site.  Last year we were contacted by an attorney representing the seller of the camp asking us to remove from the web site, all camp images taken after 1992.  We complied with this request.

Once the dust settles, we’ll contact the new owner and ask permission to restore the removed images.

If anyone travels through the region this Summer and can take a side trip over to Wollbach and the camp - we’d appreciate a further update … and maybe a few stealthy photos as well!


The antenna tower is gone . . .

We have added several new Hidden Stories:

  • The Lusty Men recalls the role of the 9th Army Air Force with HQ in Kissingen in disarming the Nazi Luftwaffe and the hunt for high value German aircraft in the Summer of 1945.  A couple of newspaper articles reported on these activities - here’s the rest of the story.

  • The Slugger and the Singer takes place primarily in Hersfeld in the early 1950s and tells the story of charity and creativity lurking in the 24th Constabulary Squadron and the 14th Armored Reconnaissance Regiment.

  • A few years later, Master Sergeant Allan Lagoy has accidentally crossed the border near Melpers and was taken into custody by the East Germans.  He was very much, The Missing Man.

  • Check out some of the best recipes assembled by the wives of the 14th Cavalry in Good Eats.  I promise there is no kale involved and please supply your own Pepto Bismol.

  • Jumping to the late 1970s, take a quick look at the Cavalry Platoon in Transition

  • A Time to be Wary is based on an article in Time Magazine in 1980 that recalled the border barrier system and a visit to Fulda and OP Alpha by the reporter.  It was a dangerous year.

  • In Snapshot 1981, once again New York Times writer Drew Middleton is prowling the 7th Army gauging the morale, men and equipment of the far flung American force.  Do your recollections coincide with his?

  • And eight years later, another Times writer follows a similar route to include a trip to the border and visit at OP Alpha.  In Late Winter 1989, they had little idea how much would soon be changing.

A recent shot of the refurbished housing area.
--Alex Sutherland via Facebook
[click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized shot]

In Memoriam:

LTC (Ret) Lee Allen who commanded the Eaglehorse Squadron in the mid 1970s has recently departed for Fiddler’s Green

The washrack is still there!!!
--David Dobbins via Facebook
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. . . . and the airfield is now used by the Polizei. . .
--Jose Gutierrez via Facebook
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Robert Stefanowicz / Randy Mitchell