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Manteuffel Barracks
Those Who Came Before

We would like to thank Norbert Ruckel for providing this unpublished photo series of the German military history of Manteuffel Kaserne.

In 1936, construction of the Kaserne is fully underway. To honor the workers, visiting military dignitaries speak to the tradesmen from a temporary platform in front of the building which would, 36 years later, be the 2/11 dining facility.
The view from the platform as the workers assemble. Note various stages of completion of other buildings.

After the ceremony, the workers are honored with a formal dinner and .... more speeches.
The construction force was honored with a parade through Bad Kissingen. The photo clears up one small mystery from the construction phase; that it was a civilian work force under general military control who did the actual labor at the work site

Close up of the work force. The small sign would indicate the trade of the following workers, "Masons" for example
With the Kaserne only partially completed, the 2 Kradschutzen Battalion arrives from Coburg as the new tenant. The parent Schutzen Brigade is located at Meiningen. Seen here, the unit drives down Kapellen Strasse

As part of the formal welcoming ceremony, an official parade is held at the Luitpoldpark in Bad Kissingen. Here, the official civil and military leadership of the area wait for 2 Kradschutzen to arrive.

Major Doctor Pollwein speaks to the troops and visitors at the welcoming ceremony. Stefanowicz: Name is unfamiliar to me but probably the battalion commander. The term " Doctor " in this sense indicates either a JD or other advanced university degree.


The massed troops at the Luitpoldpark. Clearly visible, the command " heavy cars " of the company commanders and the motorcycle and sidecar sets of the line units.
A Kradschutzen company traveling on Martin Luther Strasse.

Trucks departing Manteuffel Kaserne. Stefanowicz: the trucks may be part of a heavy machinegun section, mortar section or admin / supply, difficult to tell. Note that the road is not yet paved with brick and the stone monolith that carried the title "Manteuffel Kaserne" is not completed, it can be seen with scaffolds and banners in the background.
During a parade through town, crowds assemble by the recognizable Bad Kissingen Main Theater

A Kradschutzen company departs the Kaserne during the parade. The scaffold around the monolith is clearly visible. This battalion would soon depart Manteuffel, however, to participate in the Anchluss of Austria with the parent 2nd Panzer Divison.
In late 1939, the 2 Krad is long gone and after the fighting in Poland, the recon bn of the 7th Recon Regiment, part of the 2nd Light Division (2 Leichte) parade through Bad Kissingen.

Another view of the return from Poland parade.


1940 and Manteuffel Kaserne is the home of the 13th Medical Replacement Training Battalion. Here, officers and men on formal parade.

Men of the 4th Training Company of the Replacement Battalion sit for a formal portrait in 1940
USAAF recon photo of Manteuffel Kaserne as of 1944.

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