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This simple album had heavy paper covers and black construction paper pages. The jumping horseman and unit - date of event data were hand drawn. There were no captions but the images follow an understandable time line.

The day starts off with enlisted men helping the officers and senior NCOs with their horses, then the riders charge into the Rhoen countryside.

As the story unfolds, clearly a few of the wives had sufficient skills to join the ride.

he day consisted of cross country riding and at least two sets of steeple chase hurdles.

The senior officers of the medical training battalion who led the party charge their horses out of the Saale as the unit photographer captures the action.

Those faint of heart or with a little more horse sense, seek a more dignified exit.

With everyone safely reassembled, the ride continues.

The second set of jumps.

Back in Bad Kissingen, a general officer greets the party. None of the faces in the album were recognizable, perhaps one of the men is Captain - Doctor Michel whose album is also in this section.

And now for tea and cake!! I believe these last photos were taken in the officer barracks and mess at Manteuffel, the NCO Club during the American forces period and now the BK civil police station. Not quite clear in the scan but very recognizable in the actual photo, the painting in the background shows a Kradschutzen motorcycle set charging down a trail. Certainly a painting in keeping with the previous units stationed in Bad Kissingen what a souvenir that would have made!


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