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"In route to the gas training hut."
How the men of  'mass grave' 108 are stacked together."   Dark humor by the album creator.

"We return from the training lecture."
"Training to recover our wounded."

"The training squad with our training leader."  Note the medic arm bands, these were seldom worn after the fighting in France, 1940. The standard field medic kit, carried in two large leather cases to the left and right of the belt buckle can clearly be seen.


Not captioned in album, they are now in Amberg at a military hospital.  Several photos detail daily life to include lectures, joking with staff and nurses, views of war wounded soldiers.  The creator also apparently is near his home, there is a series of photos showing him visiting his parents and sister.

Not captioned, from the context, the soldiers are now returning to Manteuffel after Amberg.
Not captioned but immediately recognizable.  Part of a series showing the guard inspection, guard force billet and individual soldiers.  The guard force inspection area and billet in the  corner basement room of the HQ building is exactly  the same as the Eaglehorse troopers used thirty years later.

Not captioned but part of a series where first he shows the exterior of the motorshops, then various  scenes of the soldiers living inside.
One of the final images in the album, the creator, on far right in classic Bavarian attire, and  friends are on the way to the Bad Kissingen Bahnhof at the conclusion of training at Manteuffel.  Clearly, someone assembled the album with care, however, only the first third of the photos are captioned and some of the later images are out of time line sequence.  The name and the fate of this medic is unknown. 

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