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Extract from the Report of the Bad Kissingen City Administrator: 1 - 4 - 1937 thru 31 - 3 - 1938

Bad Kissingen as Military Post

Through a collection of those present at the events this report is assembled, detailing that the Kradschutzen Battalion 2 planned to occupy the new barracks on 1 June 1937 and in doing so, make Bad Kissingen a garrison town. Indeed, as the Kradschutzen column arrived promptly at 10 AM, the city was decorated with traditional black bunting to commemorate the deceased German heroes of previous wars. The unit paraded at the Luitpold Park where the order was relayed from the Brigade Commander, General Veiel, “ Men of the 2 Krad, occupy your new barracks!”. The troops greeted the General with a loud “ Heil Hitler “ and then, to recall the soldiers who had fallen in Spain, sang in unison, the True Comrades song.

  Trucks depart Manteuffel Kaserne for the parade and formal ceremony to accept the barracks at the Luitpold Park. The 2 Krad had probably unofficially occupied the barracks in late May. The finishing details are still in flux, the road is not yet paved and the stone monolith that carried the title " Manteuffel Kaserne " is not completed, it can be seen with scaffolds and banners in the background.  
The main body of Motorcycle Battalion # 2 departs the Kaserne enroute to the formal parade and welcoming ceremony.

The General then spoke again, “ This day that the Kradschutzen battalion moves to Bad Kissingen is noted by both the city and the military as noteworthy, it is a day of friendship, jubilation and pride. I also bring you the best wishes of the Division commander, General Guderian, as you occupy your new home base. He also extends his warm greetings to both the city her citizens. “ At that instant, at the barracks, the official flag of the military was raised for the first time and the city officially was marked as a garrison. This designation is an important symbol of the re - birth of the Wehrmacht, an important step forward for the military. The barracks is not only a place for soldiers to live, but also a place of education and training for the military man, and in this way, the barracks will be a true and good comrade to the town. The battalion, as it always had, with raised heads and full hearts, was ready. Forward! Upward with the Fuhrer and the Fatherland!


A Kradschutzen company traveling on Martin Luther Strasse.

During the parade through town, crowds assemble by the Bad Kissingen Main Theater. Note the black bunting and flags decorating the entrance.

Sieg Heil!! The loyal followers of the National Socialist Movement, both the soldiers and the thousands of civilians who had turned out at the Luitpold Park took the General’s words to heart Kreisleiter ( regional military district administrator ) Schneider spoke: The Fuhrer has designated the Party and the Military as the twin pillars of the National Socialist Movement. In the same way that the Party guarantees peace in the nation, the Army guarantees protection from our foreign enemies. The fruit of our efforts in commerce and the cultural life are brought to nothing without the resolve and strength to protect our accomplishments.

  As part of the formal welcoming ceremony, an official parade is held at the Luitpoldpark in Bad Kissingen. Here, the official civil and military leadership of the area wait for 2 Kradschutzen to arrive.  

It is only through security that for the first time in the lives of the German people, they may decide their own fate. However, peace and security without the military is inconceivable. Through the education of the Party and service in the military, the youth of Germany is prepared. They know that it is the highest honor to be permitted to carry arms in the service of the country. “In the name of the Regional District Commander and the District of Bad Kissingen, I again bid you a hearty welcome.“ He then wished all present, the best success in their efforts for the German people.

  Major - Doctor Pollwein, the Oberburgermeister of Bad Kissingen, renders the Nazi salute from the reviewing stand during the welcoming ceremony.   Generalleutnant Veiel, commander of the 2nd Schutzen Brigade, offers a traditional military salute to the troops as he finishes his remarks at the podium.   He would take command of the 2 Panzer Division in early February 1938.  

The next speaker was the Oberburgermeister of Bad Kissingen, Dr. Pollwein. He also warmly greeted the soldiers in the name of the Fatherland and the city. With this greeting, he took enormous pride in noting the town was now a garrison city. What once had been a optimistic desire had, this day, become a reality. To be designated as a garrison city was a landmark day in the history of the town. This event is a milestone in the development of the town, now and forever, we will be a garrison town. Seventy years ago, the city was the site of a battle in the German Civil War, now, with this landmark event, we are a city marking German unity. He closed by offering his thanks to all who had labored to bring this day to pass.

  In his field car in front of the troops, Colonel von Apell, commander of the battalion.  

The final speaker, offering his thanks and best wishes, was the Kradschutzen Battalion Commander, LTC von Apell. The tireless efforts of the Oberburgermeister are noted in making Bad Kissing a garrison town. This city has many advantages to offer and each soldier of the battalion will certainly enjoy their stay and the friendly population is certainly noteworthy. The troops will not be discussing any disadvantages of this town, only the possibilities available in the Kurstadt. In closing, the battalion commander guaranteed that the city would soon see that the battalion would be the best and most true “Kur guest“.

  Company commander of one of the Kradschutzen companies.  

After the speeches, there were festive throngs lining the streets greeting “ their soldiers “ as the battalion moved towards the barracks. Thousands of flowers seemed to reinforce the sense that the troops were certainly welcome in the town known for it’s healing bath waters. At the Epp Platz (Ritter von Epp was a early Nazi hero), a reviewing stand had been set up for the Brigade Commander and senior officials of the Army, RAD (German Labor Service), Nazi Party, the SS , SA (( storm troopers )) and other dignitaries who had moved from the Luitopld Park and assembled for the parade. Soon afterwards, there was a brief celebration at the barracks as the official keys to the complex were transferred from the construction crew to the army.

  Another view of one of the company commanders in front of his men.  

On the 17 October 1937, the entire city of Bad Kissingen was invited to an Open House at the barracks and that evening, there was a military band concert at the Regentenbau.

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