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Reiterswiesen Local Training Area (LTA)


As part of Daley Barracks, the squadron had access to the Reiterswiesen Training Area, about 5 kilometers away from the Kaserne.  The military use of this area dates back to the initial building of Manteuffel Kaserne in 1937; the photographs indicate it was the field and rifle range training choice for the Kradschutzen and medics who passed through Bad Kissingen.

  Soviet satellite photo of Reitersresen area shortly after US forces depart in early 1990's. The features marked in the key are to the best of my memory with the help of Norbert Ruckel who found this image. If we are in error, please contact.

1 - old ASP
2 - mini tank range
3 - flight strip
4 - QRS
5 - part of the maneuver area
6 - HAWK firing battery.



As the US Army re-developed Daley Barracks in the early 1950's, one of the first off barracks construction projects was the building of the squadron ammunition supply point and a partial re-modeling of the small arms range. Over the passing years, the area came to hold the helicopter air strip, the original ASP, the new as of 1980, Quick Reaction Site (a larger, more modern ammunition supply point, a "mini-tank range" (22 caliber), the HAWK firing battery from Daley and a small maneuver training corridor. In the mid 1980's, the rifle range was upgraded to a fully computer supported range.

  Second view with key:
1 - HAWK Battery
2 - rifle range
3 - maneuver / training space.
Photo: SovSat / Ruckel


The maneuver space was used for dismounted scout training and tank ranging / crew skill training. If anyone has any further information concerning 2/11 use of this area, please send it along via email.


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