SFC Milton Kellar
Platoon Sergeant / Motor Sergeant, Fox Troop

The Late SSG (SFC) Milton Kellar........Sp-4 Bill Schreiber......SSG Kellar waking folks up.....

........Sp 4 Cisco........SSG Kellar was fixing the telescope cable to the Sheridan

CPT Rollins and SSG Kellar in the Maintenance area

Sgt Guetenburg, Sp 4 Don Bellows and SP4 Mark Meeks    Supporting the tanks on the range

Formation at Camp Normandy.....Sgt Loeftler, Sp 4 Mark Meeks, PFC Gary Sprayberry, PFC Doug Bellew

Sp4 Bill Schreiber and Sp 4 Paul Sersly Supporting the range

1LT Farnham, F Trp XO and HQ Plt Leader standing in the window of our maintenance tent

PFC Robert Kish.....Waiting for SSG Kellar to come in and get him up...Kish was one mean dude....He was a Golden Glove Boxer before coming into the military.

Sp 4 Paul Sersly and PFC Doug Bellew getting washed up and getting ready for morning chow

PFC Doug Bellew replacing a signal Data Converter in one of the Sheridan's

Sp4 Leroy Leabo, Sgt. Dave Loeftler, and Sp4 Jeff Stinnett.... Leroy and dave were the F-Trp Tamms Clerks.....Jeff was a recovery specialist on the M578 recovery vehicle.....