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The Grenze - The East / West German Interzonal Border




Ministry of State Security (MfS) Documents - provided by Erwin Ritter (the material is from the BStU (BStU-Kopie))


    1. Border 12. 2nd Generation Tower
    2. Border Signs 13. 3rd Generation Tower
    3. Black / Yellow / Red Concrete Markers 14. Command Tower
    4. The Margin Strip 15. Bunker
    5. The Fence 16. Dog Run
    6. Gates in the Fence 17. Hinterland Fence
   7. Anti-Vehicular Ditch 18. Electricity for Fence
   8. Control Strip 19. Dog Runways
   9. Concrete Slab Trail 20. Access Road
 10. Lights 21. Concrete Wall Around Town
 11. Telephone / Communications 22. Traffic Control Points

Additional Border Related Items Not Shown in the Graphic

Grenztruppen der DDR - The East German Border Troops
Patrols Border Air Operations Mines GAK's
Signals Intelligence Engineer Operations Eussenhausen Border Crossing Point
1st Generation Towers
Soviet Bunkers
BT Barracks / Info
 1952 East German Border Guard Album